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Benefits of Installing a Home Sewer Cleanout | Monterey CA

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A sewer cleanout installation helps inspection of plumbing pipes

Sewer Line Clearing and Repair in Monterey CA

Every urban property has a sewer lateral, which is the pipe running from your city’s main sewer line to the plumbing on your property. This pipe is responsible for carrying out all of the sewage that comes from your home’s toilets, showers, kitchen sink or other drain pipes on your property. All this waste is transported from your home to the city sewage treatment plant.

As a home owner there are a few things you need to know about your sewer lines.

What is a Sewer Cleanout?

Now that you know what the sewer lateral is, what it does, and what it is connected to, there is one more important piece to the puzzle, namely a sewer cleanout. The cleanout is an access point to your sewer lateral. When you have a sewer cleanout installed, it greatly facilitates the inspection process of any clogged or broken plumbing pipes by giving visual access for cameras, and an above-ground point for snaking or flushing clogged pipes.

If your property does not yet have a sewer cleanout, or if it’s in disrepair, it’s going to save you time and a great deal of trouble in the future if you get one installed or replace one that is old and faulty. After Hour Plumbing and Drain will use this entry point provided by the sewer cleanout to maintain, inspect and clear out your sewer pipes without having to dig them up to find blockages or breaks in the pipes.

In some older Monterey area properties, there may not be a sewer cleanout. In that case we can attempt to look into the system through a vent or the toilet flange using a camera to ascertain the problem. If it turns out there is a case of root intrusion in the sewer line, now is a great time to cut this section away, repair it, and install a sewer cleanout.

5-Star Review

10/19/2018 We had them referred to us by a friend and we were very glad we chose them. We found out the drain under our house was 95% clogged and water was just draining under the house. Cedric came out and replaced piping under the house, laid down lime to clean up what was under the house and snaked under the kitchen sink 6 times before it was completely cleaned out. Cedric felt very friendly, honest and clearly explained what was going on. It was a great experience and he will be coming back to do more minor work for us.

Robert Q. Marina, CA

Where Do I Find My Sewer Cleanout?

Generally speaking, the sewer cleanout is very near to your home, usually a few feet away. Sometimes though, it is close to the street at the edge of your property. Since it is often located underground with a cover over it, and if the location is not obvious, you will need to follow the next steps.

  • Walk to the sidewalk on the street curb outside your house.
  • Look for a letter “S” stamped onto the surface.
  • From this point walk in a straight line toward your house.
  • The clean-out will look like 3″ or 4″ wide white or black pipe with a cap.
  • If you cannot find the clean-out, check the perimeter of your home as it might be covered by landscaping or dirt.
Image of a sewer cleanout and plug

If you cannot locate a sewer cleanout, or if you suspect that your property does not have one, call Cedric Johnson at (831) 717-7329 to make an appointment for a FREE estimate to install a sewer cleanout on your premises anywhere in Monterey County, CA.

 5-Star Review

6/18/2018 Hey! I’m not sure what happened! I used Cedric and After Hours Plumbing & Drain for an emergency plugged up sink problem months ago now, and he was so awesome … we then asked him to scope and clean all pipes. He went way above the call of duty… I truly cannot say enough good things about him. Thanks for all you did for us… my wife Bo and I were very pleased to have met you. This guy is priced fairly, very professional and friendly, and now, the only plumber I’d call for any job.  

Barry C. Marina, CA

Underground Sewer Repair and Root Cutting

Whether in Monterey or any of the surrounding towns and cities, sewer lines can get damaged for various reasons, the most common being tree root invasion. Tree roots spread out looking for water and when finding your sewer, they will latch onto it having found a steady source of water.

How Roots Damage your Sewer Pipes

Once latched on to your sewer line, the roots will get to work finding a place to enter. This entry, unfortunately, will happen regardless of the material of the pipes, all are at risk of root invasion even the newer concrete or PVC pipes. As they latch on, the following will happen:

  • They will work their way into the sewer through tiny cracks or other openings.
  • As they enter and feast on the water, the growing roots will increase the size of the crack.
  • Once the roots enter your sewer lines they begin to spread out
  • This will cause passing debris to block up and clog the pipe completely

As soon as you suspect your drainage begins to slow down and/or your toilet starts sounding differently from the normal flushing you are used to, call After Hours Plumbing & Drain in Monterey CA.

Image of a sewer cleanout and plug
Snaking the sewer lateral to clear the blockage and remove lots of roots
Opening a trench to lay a new ABS sewer line for a Monterey County home
Opening a trench to lay a new ABS sewer line for a Monterey County home
Installing a sewer cleanout to lower maintenance costs and prevent sewage flooding

Other Causes of Sewer Line Damage

Although tree roots are the number one reason for sewer line damage, it can also be caused by:

  • Objects passing through that do not break down
  • Regular wear and tear or aging
  • Big temperature changes over many years causing damage
  • Misalignment of your sewer line due to ground shifting or bad placement

Whatever the cause of your sewer problem, whether invasive tree roots or other, After Hour Plumbing & Drain in Monterey CA is here to professionally fix any repair necessary. Call Cedric at (831) 717-7329 for a 24/7 sewer repair appointment anywhere in the Monterey Peninsula.

5-Star Review

8/18/2018 Just met one of the finest young men you can imagine. I had asked via email if he was available for clearing a main drain blockage on the weekend. He said he was not only available, he came to our residence within a half hour of contact. Cedric is local, intelligent, and extremely personable. His work was straightforward and professional, and we had the problem resolved in very short order. His prices were reasonable and his work, excellent. I have had others here over the years for different issues, however, this young man is head and shoulders above the others. I am happily giving him the highest recommendation possible. We can only hope we can keep him in the area. Cedric, you’re awesome!!!

Bumper M. San Francisco, CA

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