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The Convenience of Having a Garbage Disposal Installed

A garbage disposal, that hard-working device that hums under your kitchen sink, makes cleaning up and getting rid of food waste so much easier. Just flip the switch and all the messy scraps in the sink are chopped to bits and washed away. That is, until the system gets clogged up.

Indeed, on occasion it happens that things do not chop properly or simply get stuck. Most of the time this is from simple wear and tear of the garbage disposal unit itself. Not to worry. After Hour Plumbing & Drain in Monterey CA are experts at fixing garbage disposals or even installing new disposal units. With years of experience and training we are prepared to help you quickly, and in a clean and affordable fashion.

5-Star Review

8/18/2018 A little too much food went down the disposal. It clogged up completely so nothing worked. I called to see if anyone was open on a Saturday. Cedric answered and was at our home in 30 minutes. I was impressed by his professionalism and glad I called his company. He cleared the clogged-up disposal & fixed some gaskets and was done within an hour, also ensuring the area was dry and clean. Everything was paperless and the pricing was reasonable. Thanks Cedric, I have your number if needed again. 

Tom B. Marina, CA

What are Some of The Benefits of Garbage Disposals?

  • A disposal keeps your kitchen more hygienic
  • Noticeably lessens nasty smells in your kitchen
  • Chops up and cleans scraps from plates
  • Also take care of food particles from the dishwasher

As you can see, garbage disposals can be very beneficial in keeping the kitchen clean. After Hour Plumbing and Drain is just a phone call away at (831) 717-7329, should you need a repair or a free estimate on a replacement.

How to Know Whether a Garbage Disposal Needs Fixing or Replacing?

It’s true that after years of use, these handy little machines do break down. At times, they can be fixed; however, if they are damaged, then replacement is the only option. Practical as they are, it is a heavy-duty machine that does a lot of work.

Normally it will chop up vegetables and regular food scraps in mere seconds. Yet, over time, bones, chunky food, the odd piece of cutlery and gallons and gallons of water start to take their toll. You will notice a slowing down of the garbage disposal, perhaps an odd smell, and even strange noises coming from the sink.

Tackling Various Garbage Disposals Issues

For your convenience, we have listed the most common problems you can run into with a garbage disposal. This list will help you understand the machine so as to determine what the issue may be and decide on the appropriate course of action to take.

# Issue 1: Your Garbage Disposal is Jammed

  • You hear a low humming sound
    • This means the flywheel in your garbage disposal may be blocked
    • The unit will auto shut off to stop burning out

It may be time to call After Hour Plumbing and Drain at (831) 717-7329 for some professional help.

If you need a garbage disposal repair, call Cedric Johnson, emergency plumber 93940.

# Issue 2: Foul Odors Coming from Your Garbage Disposal

  • The engine sounds okay, but the smell doesn’t go away
  • Odors start because the unit is not chopping properly due to eroding or stuck blades
  • Food is rotting in the machine and drain pipes

You find that the foul smell is persistent. If this is the case, the blades may have eroded so far that you need to replace the disposal unit.

# Issue 3: Your Unit is Turned On, but Not Making a Sound

  • Check to see the disposal unit is connected properly
  • If so, press the reset button on the bottom
  • If nothing happens, check the circuit breaker in your home
  • If still no response, it is either a damaged switch or a broken unit

If you need the switch replaced or a new garbage disposal unit, contact Cedric at (831) 717-7329.

# Issue 4: Your Disposal is Draining Too Slow

  • Run the disposal until it is empty
  • When slow, it is most likely a congested drain line
  • Do not use chemical drain cleaners that can cause further damage
  • Use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar instead to see if that helps

Your sink is still draining slowly? Then the disposal will need to be taken apart and checked. At After Hour Plumbing and Drain we can do that and let you know if it can be fixed or if it is time to replace it.

# Issue 5: You Have a Leaking Garbage Disposal

  • This often means that a seal needs to be changed
  • Or it’s time to replace the ring between the sink and drainpipe or the sink flange
  • Conversely, the disposal wall-casing may have been punctured by a piece of cutlery

If you feel comfortable, you may want to try some of the smaller fixes; however, a wall-casing puncture is more complex. If matters are not improving, call Cedric for a free estimate at (831) 717-7329.

5-Star Review

3/28/2018 Great service came within an hour after calling and walked me through what was going to be done. Then after fixing the problem Cedric recommended what I can do to prevent the issues from occurring again. All the services were done within an affordable price range, he comes highly recommended to anyone looking for a plumber.  

Alexis M. Salinas, CA

Backflow Preventer Installation for Safe Drinking Water

Another plumbing issue that all Monterey home owners should be aware in their kitchen plumbing is their clean drinking water supply, and how it can become contaminated or even toxic.

As an additional service After Hour Plumbing & Drain can place or repair any type of backflow preventer, to protect your drinking water supply. Backflow takes place when water runs backward through your pipes and ends up in your drinking water system. This can be a serious issue as it may create contaminated water coming out of your tap.

What happens with backflow is that the drinking water lines can cross-connect with other water systems on or off your property. The consequence may be that poisonous substances and biologically harmful elements can enter and contaminate your drinking water supply. There are many reasons to consider having a residential backflow preventer installed, most importantly though:

  • It gives you peace of mind as it prevents contamination of your family’s drinking water
  • Backflow preventers need very little maintenance or testing
  • Will generally last for many years

How Can Residential Drinking Water Become Contaminated?

Here are a few examples of drinking water contamination in California and their causes, demonstrating how interconnected residential plumbing systems are:

  • Worms: Due to a malfunction during a water pressure drop, water from a privately-owned underground sprinkler system had been sucked into the city water. Residents found parasitical worms in their drinking water.
  • Insecticide from garden hoses: The unfortunate mistake of a hose in the garden being hooked up incorrectly led to the highly toxic insecticide, chlordane, being back-siphoned into the drinking water system of the homeowner.
  • Water mixed with car wax: A well intentioned cleanup of a car wash company’s pipes caused an approximate 2,000 gallons of water mixed with car wax to flow into the city’s drinking-water supply. A resident called the council to say their home had pink water running from the tap.

A backflow preventer installed in these homes would have prevented their drinking water from contamination. To prevent drinking water contamination from affecting the safety of your family, placing a backflow preventer may just be the solution.

This plumbing device is a kitchen waste line ejection pump that we installed in Carmel
To prevent drinking water contamination, you need a blackflow preventer to stop toxic substances entering your water system.
After locating a large leak from leftover galvanized pipe, we replaced both ends of the back flow with copper and brass.
This kitchen drain line was almost completely '''clogged
This kitchen drain line was almost completely clogged. We replaced it with new ABS piping.

5-Star Review

10/22/2018 Very professional, I was really impressed. Very polite and they let me know what was going on every step of the way. They were fast. They were also clean in their appearance and their work, cleaned up after themselves and always wore shoe covers when entering the house, no foul language either. They worked beautifully as a team!  They take cards and I got an email receipt with the description on the work they did and the amount I paid. I was really pleased with the service.  

Jsem M. San Francisco, CA

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When you follow the instructions that come with your appliances, you will be able to enjoy using them in your kitchen for years ahead. However, should any problem arise or if you are worried something is going wrong, don’t hesitate to call After Hour Plumbing and Drain in Monterey at (831) 717-7329.