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Clogged Drain Monterey CA | Kitchen Sink Repairs and Plumbing

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Food from a clogged drain kitchen sink

Drain Problems? Call After Hour Plumbing and Drain

Dealing with a clogged sink? Think you will need your drains cleaned out? We serve all of Monterey County with drain and sewer lines services every day or night of the week, and for all plumbing emergencies. Our state-of-the-art plumbing inspection and drain cleaning equipment provide you with the best service in town and at the best price. When you have a clogged drain or need sewer services in Monterey Bay, call Cedric Johnson at After Hour Plumbing and Drain.

Our number is (831) 717-7329. Call any time for reliable plumbing, drain cleaning, snaking or jetting, sewer line repair or repiping, new sink installation, garbage disposal repair, and more. Whenever you call, I pick up the phone or call you right back, and am available to help you seven days a week and for emergency plumbing nights and weekends.

Best Monterey Drain Cleaning Services

5 Star review

7/25/2018 I am more than pleased and impressed with my experience. Cedric came out right away to fix my backed up kitchen sink. He was very friendly, prompt and professional. I would highly recommend him as well as use After Hour for any of my future plumbing needs. Thank you so much for such great service!!

Megan V. Hollister, CA

Clogged plumbing pipes cleaned out with snaking and hydro-jetting

Our Full Range of Drain Cleaning Services Include:

  • Sink drain cleaning in kitchens, bathrooms, indoors and out
  • Snaking clogged drains
  • Hydro-jetting drain lines
  • Rooting clogged sewer lines
  • Camera inspections
  • Shower and bathtub drain cleaning
  • Clogged toilet drain cleaning
  • 24/7 emergency drain service

Should I Use Drain Cleaning Products When I have Clogged Drains?

Many people try to DIY with their clogged drains by pouring harsh liquids and gels down their sink, tub or toilet; but with repeated use, these chemicals can actually corrode your pipes and weaken them to the point of leaking or breakage.

These over-the-counter drain cleaning products are only a temporary solution, and often only clear out enough of the clog to allow the chemicals to pass through the drain lines. They are also toxic to the environment, and pose a risk when children or pets are in the home.

Only a Monterey plumbing contractor can fully clear your drainage pipes after an inspection to detect the true causes of the clogged drains. Throughout your home’s plumbing system, all of the pipes are connected; therefore, it is possible that when a clog shows up in one location, it can cause water and sewage to back up in another area of the house. A DIY approach cannot detect these types of issues; it takes a plumbing contractor with the right equipment and inspection tools to diagnose and fix the underlying problems.

5-Star review

3/19/2019 Really solid and professional outfit. They were very responsive, direct, and ran a clean operation. They did a hydro-jetting of my 50 yr old drain pipe in the Carmel highlands. Great energy Cedric and his assistant. Highly recommend.

Zander F. San Francisco, CA

How to Know When to Call about Drain Cleaning

Most people don’t think about drain cleaning or snaking until the kitchen sink is backing up even though they use a filter. If you’ve noticed water pooling in your sink or shower, or you regularly plunge your sink or toilet, it’s time to get a plumbing professional in to inspect your system. A small clog in the bathroom or kitchen sink or bathtub may not seem like a big issue, but severe clogs can form over time, or roots can grow into broken underground lines that prevent your wastes from flowing out, so they back up instead. If you have larger problems with your drains or sewer lines, that’s where we can help.

If you are experiencing any of the following, it may be time to call Cedric at After Hour Plumbing and Drain:

  • Water pooling in your home’s sinks
  • Dirty water backing up from sink or tub drains
  • Trouble flushing a toilet
  • Recurring problems that require plunging a sink, tub or toilet
  • Bad smells coming from the drains
  • Burst pipes or water leaks in the home

When you spot any of these signs, call for a FREE assessment of the problem and an inspection of your drainpipes and sewer lines.

5-Star review

1/10/2018 My complex manager was supposed to send a plumber to fix my kitchen sink issue and the assigned plumber kept rescheduling. Out of necessity to use my kitchen, I took matters into my own hands and found After Hour sewer and Drain. Best decision I could have made, was here the day and time they said they would with no delay and gave me a free estimate and the price was great. Recommended them to my complex manager and after seeing the great work that was done she placed After Hour as top plumber in case of future emergency.

Lorena S. Monterey, CA

A completely clogged galvanized pipe causing drain blockage
Replacing rotted out cast iron in a Monterey County commercial kitchen
New plumbing pipe installation in local kitchen
We replaced this clogged kitchen drain line with new ABS piping.
Kitchen waste ejection pump installed in 93923 home
A kitchen waste ejection pump that we installed in a Carmel CA home

Are Your Drains Backing Up? Call Monterey’s Drain Cleaning Expert

5-Star review

10/19/2018 We had them referred to us by a friend and we were very glad we chose them. We found out our drain under our house was 95% clogged and water was just draining under the house. Cedric came out and replace piping under the house laid down lime to clean up what was under the house and snaked under the kitchen sink 6 times before it was completely cleaned out. Cedric felt very friendly, honest and clearly explained what was going on. It was a great experience and he will be coming back to do more minor work for us.

Robert Q. Marina, CA

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Ask for Cedric when you call After Hour Plumbing and Drain in Monterey CA and the entire Monterey County service area. We perform drain cleaning, rooting, inspections and pipe repair and installation for local residences.  We are here to quickly take care of any stubborn clogs in your drains and clear your home’s water and sewer pipes of any obstructions.